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Courageously not taking an afternoon nap: Year 12 Summer Holidays by Heather Davies

Your year 12 summer isn’t a normal summer. You can’t sit back, eat ice poles and put up your feet up on the sofa under a glorious ceiling fan for six whole weeks and do whatever you like. For the first time in their academic career, our students...

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Interesting things to do with your tutee over the summer by Alice Penfold

Exam season has drawn to a close, the last week of term has arrived and the summer holidays are just around the corner. After a focused term of exam preparation, past papers and increasing stress levels, the long break is an ideal time for those...

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Returning your textbook to The Access Project

The majority of our tutors borrow a textbook to use with their tutee. We are collecting these in so that we can reallocate them next year. We have devised a range of hassle-free options for you to be able to do this, please choose the option that...

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The Access Project Summer Graduation Party

On Thursday 17th July, 18:30-20:30 The Access Project will be holding its Summer Graduation Party at the Shoreditch Village Hall.

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Job Vacancy - Partnerships Manager

The Access Project brings together a community of businesses, schools, students and volunteers to overcome the issues preventing disadvantaged young people from accessing top universities. We now have high profile partnerships with several major international businesses across different sectors, such as Linklaters and the Telegraph Media Group. We are looking for an experienced Partnerships Manager to take responsibility for these relationships, as well as establishing new partnerships to support our growth. S/he will also be responsible for liaising with our individual major donors and for expanding this network of supporters.

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Guest Blog - How I am Learning to Listen by Megan Nee

Why did the London riots start? What was the Treaty of Versailles? How do you spell onomatopoeia? What do you want to be when you grow up? What’s your favourite Leonardo DiCaprio film? These are not the questions you would expect to be asked on a Monday afternoon in a headhunting organisation.

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'Can tutoring make you happy?' by Sophia Ireland

I have always volunteered throughout my life, in a variety of roles and time commitments, and while it is easy to say it's an altruistic thing to do, what else motivates me? It makes me feel good about myself, and when I help others I help myself...

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'First days' by Heather Davies

Being a newbie here at The Access Project and meeting lots of our bright, young students excited for their transition to university has led me to reflect on first days. They are so full of nerves and excitement you often can’t decide which feeling...

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End of year information - contact post tutorials

This blog contains information for tutors about The Access Project's guidelines concerning student/tutor contact once tutorials have finished. If you'd like more information please contact your Programme Coordinator.

As we approach the end of...

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End of year plans for tutors - what you need to know

As exams and the end of the academic year are fast approaching we wanted to let you know what will be happening over the next few months at The Access Project.

But first we wanted to heartily thank all our tutors for their contribution...

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