What I've learned during my three years at The Access Project, by Andrew Berwick


Here the Director of The Access Project, Andrew Berwick, reflects on what three years with the charity has taught him about the mission of widening access to the country's top universities.

I joined The Access Project in May 2012, three years...

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Who says young people aren't interested in politics? by Tom Slatter

There is an unfortunate canard that young people are not interested in politics. Judging from the conversations I’ve had with students about this at general election time, this just isn’t true. 

I remember vividly the impromptu classroom...

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Designer Degrees by Georgina Kearney-Bambridge

Over the past year I have found myself saying to students there is a degree out there to suit everyone. With the vast range of subjects and courses available it is true, but it got me thinking about some of the more obscure courses and the limited...

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Sharing our story by Dan Bell

When I joined The Access Project five months ago, one of the first things that struck me was the sheer number of amazing stories about our community of students and volunteers that dropped into my inbox literally on a daily basis -- everything...

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Enfield Thinks - The Pop-Up Learning Shop

In the middle of Enfield Town there’s a shop with a yellow facade and a snazzy light-bulb logo. If you walk past at any point between now and the end of June you’ll see something quite unusual happening. Rather than customers buying products or...

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The Access Project Oxbridge Society

On Saturday the 25th of April the first meeting of The Access Project Oxbridge society took place at King Solomon Academy in central London.

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Put Away The Highlighter

This week, Programme Coordinator Tom has been adding new ideas to our 'stage 2' tutor training session

I love talking to our tutors. It’s often through conversations with our volunteer tutors that I find the best ways to develop The Access...

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Good Routines by Jake Farrell

There’s an amazing book called “The Art of Fielding” by American author Chad Harbach which deals with, amongst a great many other things, the influence and importance of routine.

The protagonist is called Henry Skrimshander and he’s a baseball...

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Is having an engaged student a good thing?

In today's blog Programme Coordinator Tom discusses whether having an engaged tutee should be a tutor's goal.

At training sessions tutors often ask how they can engage their tutees more. How can they make tutorials more exciting, more...

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Language Learning Tips by Michaela Joseph

Here at The Access Project we are proud of inspiring young people to enjoy and value their learning. One subject area that our tutors help out in is languages - not always the easiest subject to love when you are a student. In today's blog Michaela writes about her new found love of languages, how to make them more interesting for young people and offers some tips on improving your own learning.

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