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Language Learning Tips by Michaela Joseph

Here at The Access Project we are proud of inspiring young people to enjoy and value their learning. One subject area that our tutors help out in is languages - not always the easiest subject to love when you are a student. In today's blog Michaela writes about her new found love of languages, how to make them more interesting for young people and offers some tips on improving your own learning.

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Parys Lambert And Sehar Mahmood 2

The Access Project West Midlands Launch by Parys Lambert and Sehar Mahmood

In today's blog Ormiston Forge Academy student Saher Mahmood shares her experiences of The Access Project and of the recent launch in the West Midlands. If you want to get help our amazing team and students in the West Midlands then click here.

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A visit to FAC Technology by Richie Parasam and Mo Ismail

Last  tutee Mo Ismail and his tutor Richie Parasam visited hi-tech start-up FAC Technology (FACT). This was an opportunity to see some of the theory Mo is studying in his Physics GCSE applied in the ‘real world’.

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Enrichment Opportunities for Access Project Students

Students in London and Brum have it all! We write a regular enrichment newsletter for the students that is jam-packed full of wonderful things that they can easily get involved in. This blog post is to  celebrate a re-launch of the...

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Star Students - a blog by Aneesa and Biftuu

Aneesa and Biftuu, two fantastic Access Project students at Hornsey School for Girls, have been attending UCL for free lectures after school. Aneesa has written a guest blog post about the experience. If you want to be a part of The Access Project click here for more information.

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Capricorn Fund Policy Challenge

Last Friday schools from across The Access Project took part in the Capricorn Fund Policy Challenge, an amazing opportunity offered in conjunction with the Cabinet Office. The young people involved did their schools proud and contributed to an...

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More than just answering emails

This week Tom has been finding excuses not to answer his email, by getting out and talking to people at his schools.

Sometimes at the Access Project we joke about how poor teachers are at answering emails. It’s all in good fun. We actually love...

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Win Win: Why students and their tutors love The Access Project

At the heart of our work are the mutually rewarding relationships between our students and their tutors – both people come away with expanded horizons. Here are two personal stories from both sides of the equation.

Kobina Sam is a year-10 student...

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Don't Panic! - Some advice for tutors in the run up to exam season

In assembly this week the head of 6th form at one of my schools made a point that I just had not considered. Given the Easter holiday and the fact that some exams start in May, March is the last full teaching month for some students.

As she said...

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June And Heather

Why I love Volunteering by Heather Davies

Volunteering is a hugely important part of The Access Project community. Without all of our amazing volunteers we wouldn't be able to help the young people that we work with every day. On the blog today Heather Davies writes about what volunteering means to her and the cause that she helps out with. If her story inspires you to volunteer and you would like to work with our students in the West Midlands click here to sign up.

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