June And Heather

Why I love Volunteering by Heather Davies

Volunteering is a hugely important part of The Access Project community. Without all of our amazing volunteers we wouldn't be able to help the young people that we work with every day. On the blog today Heather Davies writes about what volunteering means to her and the cause that she helps out with. If her story inspires you to volunteer and you would like to work with our students in the West Midlands click here to sign up.

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The Access Project at the Treasury - An unbiased account

Access Project Schools are taking part in a competition organised by the Cabinet Office. Yesterday Programme Coordinator Tom took a group of students into London to meet with the civil servants they are working with to continue developing their...

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Work Experiences by Jake Farrell

This week there has been a buzz around the school that I work in as students from across a number of year groups apply for exciting and prestigious work experience placements at amazing offices around the capital. I’ve listed the three most memorable moments to illustrate how good these opportunities can often be and also, on the flip side, what to avoid when visiting an office for a week or two

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It's not just the economy, stupid by Tom Slatter

Accessing University is an amazing opportunity and benefits students in so many ways. In this blog Tom takes a look at the educational and cultural importance of attending the top higher education institutions in the country.

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Cambridge here we come! by Tracey Beech

Our team in the West Midlands are working hard every day with motivated students aiming for top universities. If you would like to volunteer as a tutor and click here and you can be a part of the team. On today's blog the team talk about a special...

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At Tough Guy Group Pic

Mud, Fire, Ice and Electro Shocks - The Tough Guy Challenge 2015

Heinrich Merz, husband of The Access Project's fundraising manager, ran the Tough Guy Challenge this year. He and his team endured mud, fire, ice and electro shocks to raise nearly 5,000 for The Access Project. A less physically demanded...

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Andrew Berwick 2

Our Impact Report for 2013-14 by Andrew Berwick

Last night we launched our Impact Report for the academic year 2013-14. Here the Director of The Access Project blogs about the event and describes why we are so excited about the future.

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Impact Report Student Images

The Access Project publishes its first Impact Report

Today The Access Project has published its first Impact Report, which details the past year’s successes in improved grades and well-supported UCAS applications, generated by our system of one-to-one tutoring.

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Tutorial Publicity Shot With Preeti And Brook Aug 2012 3

'Ensuring young people realise their full potential isn't just good for students, it's good for business too'

Ahead of the publication of The Access Project's first Impact Report next week, Simon Branigan, Graduate Recruitment Partner at Linklaters, explains why ensuring young people realise their full potential isn't just good for students, it's good for...

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The Importance of Not Being Earnest by Tom Slatter

Today Programme Coordinator Tom finds himself in an uncharacteristically passionate mood, brought on by some great interactions with Access Project tutors and students. If you’d like to find out more about volunteering as a tutor in the West Midlands, visit our website here.

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