Back To School

Back to School

It's the start of the new school year and Programme Coordinator Tom has already been quite busy. 

Some things never change and that is doubly true of those things you associate with the start of a new school year. Students have started the...

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Open Day Advice by Jake Farrell

It’s officially Open Day season. At the school I work at there are posters all over the 6th form area that list the days in chronological order like the tour dates of a mid range indie band. Here's some advice about how to get through them.

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Phoebe Hames

'The most rewarding thing I could do outside of work'

We're so proud of how our tutors often get as much out of tutoring as their students, so we couldn't wait to talk with Alice Blanchard when she told us tutoring is “the most rewarding thing that I could do outside of work”.

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Evaluating impact in the social sector: a practical perspective

Charities are increasingly required to demonstrate that they are achieving impact, based on robust evaluation of their work. While it is important to ensure resources are being used effectively, undertaking evaluation often poses challenges for charities, which may well have limited resources or experience with which to do this. In this blog post, NIESR and TAP reflect on the project, with the aim of sharing their experiences with others embarking on similar work.

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Rommana Sobelema And Salimah Cga

A Level results day: High emotions and huge results by Lucy Ball

A Level results day is a hugely important day for The Access Project. It’s when our students, who have been working incredibly hard on their subjects for the last two years, find out exactly how they have done and therefore which university they will be attending.

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Tap Summer Party Photbooth

Balloons blown up, playlist ready, pizza ordered - it’s party time!

By Suzanne Smith, Volunteer Coordinator

On 23rd July The Access Project had the pleasure of holding our Summer Party at City Academy Hackney.

At 6pm, over 100 students, tutors, staff and friends of The Access Project packed out the theatre space...

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Abbie Phillips   Mercer

Guest Blog - Abbie Phillips from Mercer UK

Last weekend, along with a few other Mercer colleagues, I attended a training session with The Access Project, after going to an information session in a lunch break at work.

What is The Access Project?

The Access Project is a charity which has...

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Microphone 510

The value of Portfolio Presentation

At King Solomon Academy this week and next students from years 7 to 10 are presenting their portfolios. It’s an exciting time for them, and the people lucky enough to sit in on the presentations, and it got me thinking.

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Nine years in Education. What have I learned?

In our latest blog post Tom reflects on nine years working in education, first as a teacher and then for The Access Project.

My parents were teachers, my mum a music teacher, my dad a primary headteacher. Unsurprisingly this left me with an...

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Brilliant? Absolutely

A couple of weeks ago I took a group of 12 year 10 students from Oasis Academy Enfield to visit Newnham college, Cambridge.

They were there for the launch of the Brilliant Club’s Scholar’s programme, which will see them working with a Phd student...

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