Communication Gurus of the Future

Last week students from The Access Project showed incredible motivation by spending their half term on work experience with Edelman Public Relations. They have kindly agreed to share their experiences with us in a special guest blog.

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Newly Discovered Motivation by Michael Khachatour

As we go about our day, involuntarily subscribed to the messaging of brands, who present slogans and values to us in the most imaginative of ways, one could be forgiven for buying into such advertising imagery and not actually questioning whether such organisations really ‘do what they say on the tin’. So far I think that The Access Project does exactly that.

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Is learning to network important? by Heather Davies

Whilst at university, every third email seemed to be about networking workshops. Networking, they said, would be how you were to progress in your career and may very well be what gets you your first proper job. But is it important to learn how to network before you go to university itself? Can networking even help to land you a place at a top university?

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Be positive, keep learning by Jake Farrell

If you had told me five years ago that I would be considering using my free time and spare money to learn German I would have said you were mad. But now I'm actually excited to be learning again.

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F Chapter One

Absolute Beginners: Advice on making your first tutorial a success by Tom Slatter

It’s the start of term and The Access Project’s Programme Coordinators are hard at work interviewing students and matching them up with tutors. Across London and Birmingham students are making their first trips into town to meet their tutors. Here are some tips to make your first tutorial a success.

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Job vacancy: Fundraising Manager

The Access Project brings together a unique community of businesses, schools, students and volunteers. We have high profile partnerships with several major international businesses across different sectors, such as Linklaters and the Telegraph Media Group. 

We are looking for a Fundraising Manager to take responsibility for these relationships, as well as liaising with our major individual donors and expanding our network of individual and business supporters. The Fundraising Manager will become a key part of our management team, and have direct interaction with our board of trustees.

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Summer Work Experience by Rianna

Over the summer break several of our students completed work experience placements with some of our partner organisations. Rianna was at UCL and has shared the following:

Work experience at UCL’s science labs has enlightened me about the...

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Courageously not taking an afternoon nap: Year 12 Summer Holidays by Heather Davies

Your year 12 summer isn’t a normal summer. You can’t sit back, eat ice poles and put up your feet up on the sofa under a glorious ceiling fan for six whole weeks and do whatever you like. For the first time in their academic career, our students...

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British Library

Interesting things to do with your tutee over the summer by Alice Penfold

Exam season has drawn to a close, the last week of term has arrived and the summer holidays are just around the corner. After a focused term of exam preparation, past papers and increasing stress levels, the long break is an ideal time for those...

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Ta Pinvite

Returning your textbook to The Access Project

The majority of our tutors borrow a textbook to use with their tutee. We are collecting these in so that we can reallocate them next year. We have devised a range of hassle-free options for you to be able to do this, please choose the option that...

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