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'#Tutoring Tips: 3 revision tips'

Easter weekend is a big milestone in the academic year: it's usually the stage at which students preparing for their exams start to recognise the mammoth task ahead of them. I've spoken to quite a few tutors recently who admit to feeling just as...

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'Beer brewing in Medieval Europe and Why Some Infinities Are Bigger Than Others' by Tom Slatter

At Oasis Academy Hadley I run The Club About Interesting Things (TCAIT). In recent weeks we've talked about chemical cures for love, the Bermuda triangle, food-banks and the psychology of people who are isolated from human contact. 

TCAIT is...

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'Music to revise by' by Rachel Bruce

With GCSE, AS and A-Level exams fast approaching, stress levels amongst the country’s 16-18 year olds are rapidly rising. I have been through 6 rounds of exams in my lifetime. Whilst I frequently miss studying, I certainly don’t miss the sky-high...

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'March tutor meet-up' by Rachel Bruce

Stuck for an idea for a blog post, I asked a passing year 11 for a suggestion. If I’d followed her advice you’d be about to be treated to a blog post about Twilight, the park swings or riding a bike. Due to a lack of knowledge and opinions on any...

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‘Steps to university’ by Brigida Vani

Brigida Vani is a year 9 student at King Solomon Academy, currently doing two days' work experience at The Access Project. 

"Can I get into a Russell Group university? What’s it going to take for me to get there?  Am I good enough?"


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'UCL University Challenge trips' by Alice Penfold

Last week, 30 Year 9 students from St Aloysius’ College hopped on the bus to head down to UCL for two ‘University Challenge’ days. The trips their first introduction to the opportunities available through The Access Project, before it launches...

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'The Access Project expands into the Midlands' by Sophia Ireland

In case you didn’t know already, The Access Project is expanding - to the West Midlands!

I am the new Programme Manager based in Birmingham and am really looking forward to starting work with schools and volunteer tutors after Easter to...

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'TAP Top Trumps #12: Miriam Koehle'

What made you want to get involved with The Access Project?

A hands-on, simple concept that everyone understands within less than a minute and an incredible team. Plus, it works.

What has the response been like in your school?

First student...

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'The End of The Road' by Andrew Berwick

A couple of things that have happened over the last few weeks have made me think about one of the key assumptions behind our mission. Specifically, the assumption that one of the key drivers of social mobility is access to highly selective...

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'The 80:20 rule' by Laurie Martin

In the second of our instructional tutoring videos, An Active Tutee, we introduce our "80:20 rule": we think the best tutorials are those where the student does about 80% of the talking, with the tutor doing just 20%. 

This flies in the face...

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