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The Access Project Oxbridge Society

On Saturday the 25th of April the first meeting of The Access Project Oxbridge society took place at King Solomon Academy in central London.

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Put Away The Highlighter

This week, Programme Coordinator Tom has been adding new ideas to our 'stage 2' tutor training session

I love talking to our tutors. It’s often through conversations with our volunteer tutors that I find the best ways to develop The Access...

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Good Routines by Jake Farrell

There’s an amazing book called “The Art of Fielding” by American author Chad Harbach which deals with, amongst a great many other things, the influence and importance of routine.

The protagonist is called Henry Skrimshander and he’s a baseball...

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Is having an engaged student a good thing?

In today's blog Programme Coordinator Tom discusses whether having an engaged tutee should be a tutor's goal.

At training sessions tutors often ask how they can engage their tutees more. How can they make tutorials more exciting, more...

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