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Abbie Phillips   Mercer

Guest Blog - Abbie Phillips from Mercer UK

Last weekend, along with a few other Mercer colleagues, I attended a training session with The Access Project, after going to an information session in a lunch break at work.

What is The Access Project?

The Access Project is a charity which has...

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Microphone 510

The value of Portfolio Presentation

At King Solomon Academy this week and next students from years 7 to 10 are presenting their portfolios. It’s an exciting time for them, and the people lucky enough to sit in on the presentations, and it got me thinking.

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Nine years in Education. What have I learned?

In our latest blog post Tom reflects on nine years working in education, first as a teacher and then for The Access Project.

My parents were teachers, my mum a music teacher, my dad a primary headteacher. Unsurprisingly this left me with an...

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