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Andrew Berwick - Director

Andrew Photo 2016

My education took me from primary school in a deprived part of inner-city London to Cambridge University. I've felt the transformational impact of studying at a highly-selective university, and from my own experience as a teacher in a tough part of London I'm painfully aware that for young people in less affluent areas this remains only the remotest of possibilities.

I want to change this, which is why I joined The Access Project as Director of Tutoring in 2012. I became TAP's Director in September 2013: since then we've grown from a small local charity and are now working with hundreds of talented young people from less affluent backgrounds across schools in London and the Midlands. I'm really excited about working with our amazing team and partners to increase our impact and reach more young people across the country in the coming years.

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Aileen Almond - Director, Strategic Projects Alice Dee - University Access Officer, London Amy Stebbings - University Access Officer, London Andrew Berwick - Director Ben Allcock - Fundraising Manager Caroline Ludden - Volunteer Coordinator, West Midlands Cheryl Eaton - Senior Operations Coordinator/Deputy Designated Child Protection Officer Dan Bell - Communications Manager Ed McDonagh - Senior University Access Officer/Senior Comms Coordinator Ellen Clowser - University Access Officer Ellie Baird - Senior University Events Officer Fabrice Yala - Senior University Access Officer, West Midlands Fiona Hathaway - University Access Officer, London Francesca Slusarczyk - Senior University Access Officer, London Isabel Feeney - University Access Officer, West Midlands Jake Farrell - Tuition Manager Jennifer Guerin - Designated Child Protection Officer Jenny Paisley-Snr University Access Officer/Alumni & Student Participation Officer John Lowe - Systems Coordinator Karen Benge - Partnerships Director Lucy Ball - Programme Director Lynne Brown - Administrator Matthew Harriott, Key Project Coordinator, London Naomi Burley-Baker Programme Manager, London Natasha Massie - Programme Manager, Midlands Rachel Sturgis - Data & Insight Coordinator Rhiannon Evans - Volunteer Coordinator, London Sam Baker - University Access Officer, East Midlands Samantha Parr - Volunteer Coordinator, East Midlands Sara Papamichael - Programme Manager, London Siobhan Randell - University Access Manager Sophia Ireland - Head of Midlands Sophia Sterling - University Access Officer, London Suzanne Janes - Volunteer Manager Tamara Baleanu - Impact Director Tiffany Woods-Shepherd - Senior University Access Officer, London Tracey Beech - University Access Officer, West Midlands Tsetso Bikov - School and Business Partner Manager