Here at the Access Project we want to make sure our tutors are well supported to deliver the best possible tutorials for their students.

That’s why this festive season we want to give you the gift of great starters and plenaries! All good tutorials should include a starter activity to introduce the topic in an interesting way and a plenary to ensure your student has evidenced their learning and is showing progress.

These activities can sometimes be a bit difficult to come up with though so we’ve put together a list of 25 of the best, compiled by our amazing programme team. A couple of examples are below:

Nine Box Squares

Write nine key words, used the previous lesson, in boxes on paper or a mini whiteboard. Challenge student to make a sentence of at least three words, or a short paragraph using them all.

What’s the Question?

Give the student some answers and get them to discuss with you what the question could be. Remember it may not be the question you had in mind but may still be valid and lead to discussion.

Click here to download the PDF and happy tutoring!