The students that we work with at The Access Project take part in regular surveys. We run these to make sure that we offer the best quality tuition and mentoring – which is exactly what our students want and need. 

This year’s student satisfaction survey results have been overwhelmingly positive. Check out some of the results below…

The best quality tuition

All of our students are matched with a volunteer tutor. This tutor helps them on a specific subject that they need support with. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic all tuition has moved online.

  • 98% of those surveyed are satisfied with their tutorials – and that satisfaction grows over the months they are tutored
  • 89% said that they enjoy online tuition.

One of our young people had this to say about their tuition: “I enjoyed the tutorials, they were incredibly high standard and the tutors themselves are successful people who serve as role models for the tutees. The fact that it is free is in itself a huge advantage as normally, tutorials of such standards would cost.”

Our mentoring

At each of the schools that we work in we employ a University Access Officer (UAO) who mentors students. 

  • 94% of our students surveyed felt supported by their UAO
  • 96% felt that they could approach their UAO if they needed advice
  • 97% said that their one-to-one meetings with their UAO were a good use of time.

One student said: “I enjoyed having someone relatable and knowledgeable to talk to. She is also very supportive of my individual needs.”

Impact on the student

Through tuition and mentoring we aim to enable our young people to raise their aspirations to apply to some of the leading universities in the country; and get the grades they need to get into these universities. 

  • 82% of those surveyed felt prepared or very prepared for university as a result of their time working with The Access Project
  • 91% felt more positive about their future since working with us
  • 88% have become more confident.

Nathan Sansom, Chief Executive of The Access Project, said: “It’s so fantastic to know that the young people we work with value our mentoring and tuition support. It is a testament to the hard work of our students, volunteer tutors and our incredible frontline staff who have worked tirelessly over this pandemic. Thanks to them we are helping to level the playing field for disadvantaged young people to get into the country’s top universities.”