Ameen is a Year 13 student at one of our schools in West Yorkshire. He is taking part in the Medicine and Dentistry Society, which aims to support students who are applying for more challenging subjects at selective universities.

“My tutor is a GP, and I want to study medicine”

Ameen has been tutored in Biology this year. “My tutorials have had a positive impact on my performance. In the session we seem to get a lot done and go over all the gaps in my knowledge. This helps me get over the stress from having to revise for all three A levels.”

Ameen’s tutor has a lot of relevant experience in what he wants to study at university. “My tutor is a GP, and I want to study Medicine, so that is very helpful. We go over some things like medical ethics and previous cases which really helps. And with COVID, it really helps that I can go for sessions about certain topics that I may have missed in school.”

Ameen’s tutorials have been a big confidence booster. “My tutor was someone I had never spoken to before. But we have been meeting online and it’s easy. It has helped my people skills. My tutorials have helped me learn to be a more sociable person.”

Supporting Ameen to achieve his goals of studying Medicine at university

The Access Project’s Medicine and Dentistry Society organises special events to help students navigate the challenges of applying for such degrees.

Ameen has attended several of these events. “They did a Biomedical Admissions Test (BMAT), which is an aptitude test to get into medicine. This was particularly useful. I also completed a virtual work experience at Brighton and Sussex Medical School, which gave me some more information about studying Medicine.”

Ameen recently attended our Mini Multiple Interviews event. Students hoping to go on to study Medicine and Dentistry have an array of short interviews at a digital event to help them practice for the real thing. “They created breakout rooms via Zoom and we moved through each room. From there, we went over the things I would be asked, like our work experience, and biology knowledge.”

Ameen thought that the feedback he received during the interviews was very helpful. “I knew this event would help my interview preparation. All the different Mini Multiple Interview stations went through a different topic. My interviewers were really nice to talk to, and gave me a lot of feedback about what I could have done better.”