This week we are celebrating the achievements of our incredible young people through our student awards. 

Today is all about our year 10 and year 11 students who have exceeded expectations in their participation in the programme. We have awarded four Year 10 and Year 11 students with our Student of the Year award. 

Today we hear from the students and the University Access Officer who nominated them for this prize.

Student of the Year Award winners

Wren, Year 11, Shirebrook Academy

Wren’s University Access Officer said: “Wren has been a model student, attending 65 tutorials over two academic years, engaging exceptionally in all Access Project provision and even supporting other students on the programme. Wren received praise for her continued engagement during lockdown from her tutor and by continuing to attend tutorials (often having twice a week) saw her progress in the subject continue. Wren’s hard work has seen her achieve a 9 in GCSE Maths but also develop a real passion for the subject.

Simran, Year 10, Waverly School

On winning this prize, Simran said: Before having tutorials, I felt like it was hard to keep myself on track, especially throughout lockdown. My weekly sessions with my tutor added structure to my day and gave me something to look forward to. One of the ways The Access Project has changed me is my improved confidence. I feel like I am able to speak to new people more easily and I feel more comfortable in class discussions. I am happy to receive this award, it’s not something that happens every day so it’s quite exciting!

Simran’s University Access Officer said: “She has made incredible progress and has really shown her drive this year, despite having a rocky start to the programme. In our one-to-one she also showed me the work she’d done on her own, and it is clear she is very hardworking.”

Ayesha, Year 10, Dixons Allerton Academy

Ayesha’s University Access Officersaid: “Despite only officially enrolling in April, she managed to attend 25 tutorials before the end of the school year – which is pretty amazing if you ask me!”

Denise, Year 11, Holte School

Denise’s University Access Officer said: “Denise was able to improve her grades in her tutored subject, Maths, significantly over the time on the project, ultimately achieving a grade 9. With a fantastic 32 tutorials and 97% attendance, it’s no surprise that she did so well.”


More winners to be announced

We will be posting more about the student award winners over the course of the week on our news page.

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