Abida has only been on our programme since September but she is already a TAP student ambassador and has come a long way with the support of her tutor and in-school mentor. She has shared her experience of joining TAP during a global pandemic

My journey with the Access Project has been unexpected but phenomenal. From finding out that  my school was partnered with TAP, to receiving high quality but most importantly free tuition at a time when I needed it the most. Being on The Access Project has helped reduce my stress levels caused by the pandemic and made me feel like I can do well in my GCSE’s despite the disruption. I knew I had gaps in my knowledge and so before TAP I had lost faith and hope in myself. But TAP helped solve all of this with free tuition and support.

I am in year 10 which means this is my first year on TAP and I am being tutored in Maths by my amazing, funny, and highly qualified tutor. If it wasn’t for my tutor’s relentless support, then I honestly don’t know where I would be in maths! He is always super supportive. He always listens to what I need to say and whenever I may get multiple answers wrong, he always helps me to understand why. After half a year of sessions I am already getting better results in Maths than I have ever done before. He is super helpful providing me with revision tools and resources when I have revision for my mock exams to complete. 

My UAO is exactly like my tutor, she is awesome! Most importantly, she has always been by my side helping me with anything I may be uncertain about in terms of the programme. I know I can ask my UAO anything and she always gets back quickly with helpful responses.

This year, thanks to the opportunities TAP students get, I have become a student ambassador for them in my school. I love every bit of the role and it makes me feel special! It has opened a wide variety of activities which I can now get involved in. This has made a big difference on my journey with TAP. Before being on the programme, becoming a student ambassador is something I would never have considered. But TAP broadened my horizons and understanding of what I could get involved with in school and to help me in the future. 

From virtual workshops to a virtual university trip I have already been involved with so much thanks to The Access Project. It is because of the virtual university trips, I have gone from having no clue as to what I hope to achieve in the future to knowing where I want to be. I now know I would love to attend a top-third university especially a super selective one and would love to study Genetics as my course. I hope to become a Genetic counsellor in the future. However, we shall see… TAP is a remarkable opportunity!

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