This Transition Week we have relaunched our peer mentorship scheme. Students who have just finished their A levels and are about to go to university will be matched with second and final year mentors who also participated in The Access Project whilst at school.

The transition to university

The transition from school to university can be a challenging and stressful time as students adapt to a new academic environment and new pressures. This is particularly true of students from disadvantaged households. Non-continuation rates are higher than those of their more affluent peers – and they are statistically 10% less likely to graduate with a 2:1 or a first class degree in comparison to peers from advantaged backgrounds.

We want to make the transition to university as smooth as possible for our students. 

Our peer mentorship scheme

Our peer mentorship scheme provides a friendly face and support to first year students through termly one-to-one meetings – to make sure new students settle in at university. Mentors will focus on the following key areas of support:

  • Freshers and getting the most from university
  • Settling in and making friends
  • Moving away from home, money and budgeting 
  • Adjusting to academic life at university, including study tips
  • Where to find support on campus.

We aim to match students by university and course, so that the support they receive is as tailored to their experience as possible. Mentors meet their mentees for one hour each term and provide ad hoc support by answering questions and having informal chats throughout the first year of university.

2020 peer mentorship scheme

Last year we recruited 30 mentors, worked with 62 mentees and held 112 mentoring sessions.

One first year student said: “It was nice having someone who has been in my position before give me advice about university and finance. It was also nice to speak to someone who has been through a similar program as The Access Project and we could relate through that.”