He makes sure that I am doing at least one paper a day by setting me many past papers to do. This has greatly increased my grades.’ Fahmida, student

Hringur Gretarsson is our nominated Top Tutor from Lloyds Banking Group. Hringur was nominated by Fahmida, an AS student at Hornsey School for Girls. Fahmida had this to say in support of her nomination: ‘My tutor has greatly helped me raise my grades and my understanding of maths. He also encouraged me to keep on revising thus he boosted my confidence dramatically. Furthermore, he normally tutors me more than the recommended 1 hour per week, which I am very grateful for. I find my tutorials very useful as we go over topics I find hard or questions I struggled on in past papers (which he set me to do the previous session).’

Fahmida has added ‘I would like to say again that I am very grateful for my tutors time. Without his help, I probably wouldn’t be doing as well in maths as I am doing at the moment.’

Thank you for going above and beyond, Hringur. You really are a top tutor!

Thank you also to all the other wonderful Lloyds tutors.

Source: tap orig