Our tutors and students are featured in the Guardian today as we celebrate Women in Science Day. All of our tutors are continuously working to help break down barriers in education. The article reflects how our women in STEM tutors are inspiring and encouraging the next generation of Women in Science and challenging the gender gap in the field.

“I used to think boys were just better at maths,” said Linah. “But now, it’s like, we go to the same school, we do the same subjects – so if you can do it, I can do it.”

There’s a reason for the renewed confidence in the 15-year-old from Dagenham and it’s sitting next to her in a swanky office in the City of London. Elaine McLoughlin is a business control manager for Bank of America Merrill Lynch. She is also a volunteer tutor on a programme to help children from disadvantaged backgrounds and get more girls studying sciences at top universities.

“[Maths] used to be one of my favourite subjects but over the years I’ve gone into autopilot,” said Linah, who lives with her two sisters, her mum, who works as a carer and her dad, who is between jobs. “I would freak out if I didn’t understand a topic in class but now I know we can go over it here.”

Since last year, her predicted GCSE maths grade at Lister community school in Newham has jumped from a 4 (the equivalent of a C), to a 7 (equivalent to an A). “Practice makes perfect so it’s going back and looking back at those topics that she’s no longer studying in class,” said McLoughlin.