At The Access Project we are always striving to provide the highest quality resources to our tutors so they can make each session they prepare for their students amazing.

In our tutor training and handbook we have signposted a few particularly good websites and youtube channels that help tutors create Impact. We also have incredible “Subject Specific Pages” made by our team for each and every subject we offer and both GCSE and A Level. These documents link you to high quality resources, provide activity suggestions and link to all specifications and past papers. 

This year tutors also have access to “Kerboodle” packages for maths and science tutors. For each subject and exam board there is a “Kerboodle” that contains a digital textbook, lesson plans and loads of other resources. We are currently working on providing further “Kerboodle” packages in other subjects and will message out when this has been finalised.

Find out how to access all the Kerboodle resources by clicking on the button below.

Find out more about Kerboodle here.