Kameron is a Year 13 student at one of our schools in the West Midlands. He is taking part in the Medicine and Dentistry Society, which aims to support students who are applying for more challenging subjects at selective universities.

“Attending weekly tutorials for over a year has helped me become more organised and follow schedules”

Kameron has been tutored in Biology since the start of Year 13. “My tutorials are helping me reinforce my knowledge and target specific topics. A levels are very fast, but with the tutorials you can slow down and zoom in on a particular topic that you want to develop.”

Kameron told us that the weekly tutorials have also helped him stick to his schedule better. “Attending weekly tutorials for over a year has helped me become more organised and follow schedules. It’s also helped me develop my professionalism, by communicating with my tutor during tutorials and over email.”

“I took something away from every interview station”

The Access Project Medicine and Dentistry Society organises special events to help students navigate the challenges of applying for such degrees.

“Being part of the Medicine and Dentistry Society has helped me to understand the medicine process, which tends to be more complicated than other pathways. It’s confusing to understand. What I am learning from each Society event is helping me become more aware of how to plan my university application.”

Kameron recently attended our Mini Multiple Interviews event. Students hoping to go on to study Medicine and Dentistry have an array of short interviews in a digital event to help them practice for the real thing. “Being able to answer questions about your skills and personality is not easy. And there’s not a lot of places you can practice. Interview skills are not something that you really learn in school. And I wanted to have professional support and all the feedback that I could get.”

Kameron found the interview training very helpful. “It’s helped me to plan my interview revision moving forward. We covered a very broad range of topics: medical ethics, debates, roleplay, testing my current NHS knowledge, data calculation and interpretation. I took something away from every interview station.”

Kameron has already applied to four Medical schools. “I am not sure what I want to specialise in after that. I hope that I will get a better idea through other Medicine and Dentistry Society events, or at university, and come to a decision. This will be a big decision, so I want to make sure that I consider all the points before I make up my mind.”