Nusaibah is in Year 10 in one of the 23 schools that we work with in London. She has recently started her journey on The Access Project and is being tutored in Maths.

Learning during the lockdowns

Nusaibah felt she fared well learning from home – despite some obstacles. “There are six of us in the house so that’s a lot of people using the internet,” she said. “My sisters helped me a lot – they gave me their textbooks. They were also great to talk to so I didn’t feel alone.”

“I work better face-to-face with a teacher,” Nusaibah explains. “But I did well during the pandemic, much more than I thought I would.”

“My tutor has really helped me”

“Before the tutorials I felt I wasn’t progressing as much as I should be,” Nusaibah told us. “My tutor has really helped me. They ask me if there’s anything I want to focus on and have also given me A level questions which have really helped to challenge me.”

Nusaibah has also noticed that having tutorials has also had a big impact on her life outside of school. “I’m not very big on talking to people – meeting someone new is a big thing for me. So having tutorials has been helpful for me outside of school.”

Nusaibah is considering studying Engineering

Nusaibah is thinking about her future and what she wants to study “I like how things are put together – I like to take things apart and rebuild them,” Nusaibah informs us. “So I am edging towards Engineering. I know Imperial College is very famous for Engineering, as is Cambridge so I am interested in those universities.”

Nusaibah is benefitting from her tutorials. “I would recommend it to other students – but they should definitely pick a subject they are struggling in. It will help them a lot – both with academics but also general life skills.”