At The Access Project we always like to hear stories of our former students now thriving in careers supporting students just like them on our programme. Lamech is no different.

This is his story: 

Tell us about you

“I grew up in north Islington in a single parent household my mum hadn’t gone to university so my exposure to it was very limited. There wasn’t a lot of push and drive to go to university at the school, but I had aspirations to go as it was seen as a way to progress and gain leverage in society. I ended up studying Geography at Kings College London and I now work for the civil service as a policy advisor.

I am now a tutor in GCSE Geography for TAP and it is a really great experience. I am giving back to the scheme that gave so much to me”

Tell us about your experience on TAP

“I was supported by The Access Project when I was in Year 11. Being on the programme was a great chance to have exposure to someone in a professional capacity who I wouldn’t have had access to in my everyday life. At school we are given the content and told to revise but my tutor took this further which helped with learning exam style and building on what I knew.’

Tell us about what you are doing now

“I secured a place at Kings College London to study Geography. It was a great experience and gave me access to people I wouldn’t have otherwise had a chance to. Being on The Access Project helped me get there as it showed me it was possible”

“I am now working for the Civil Service as a policy advisor on internet safety policy. Looking back, I always wanted to work within this area but without TAP there would have been a lot more obstacles in my way. It is vital TAP offers opportunities like this to diversify my sector. It is so important for workplaces to invest in this as you have diversity of thought. I feel like that it shows going to top universities is achievable.’​

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