As we settle into 2021 we asked Access Project students to tell us what it means to them to have the continued support provided by TAP. Year 12 student, Sarah, reflects on her time on the programme and the impact of her tutors.

My journey with the Access Project has been amazing; from incredible tuition to career workshops, TAP has helped me feel more confident, not only in my GCSEs and A-levels, but also about my future career. I now know what options are available for me when I leave school.   

I’ve been tutored by The Access Project for the last 3 years from Year 10 to Year 12. My tutors have provided relentless support. Throughout my GCSE’s, it was my tutor’s dedication in finding resources for me, helping me manage my time, and her patience, that helped me get from a Grade 6 to a Grade 8 in Science!  Similarly, my current Year 12 tutor has also shown enthusiasm when helping me by going out of her way to provide resources like Google Docs and analysis tables, so I can reach my predicted grade A. Both tutors have been nothing but kind, making our weekly tuition sessions a truly enjoyable experience. 

The university trips we attend with The Access Project allows students like me to gain a more focused understanding of which universities we could apply to in the future. The trips provide an opportunity to visit the campus, listen to a talk from alumni and learn more about the subjects we are interested in. On a trip to Cambridge University, I chose to take part in the Humanities Workshop where we took part in an activity on archaeology analysing our findings using the historical knowledge available. This new experience was not something I had previously considered and is just one of the many ways that TAP has broadened my perspective on the opportunities available to me. 

TAP also provides one-to-one meetings with us to discuss future academic plans and the current opportunities available to us. These sessions allow students to feel more comfortable with how to apply to university and what course to pick. Without these sessions, I would definitely not be as confident in my future academic plans. Speaking with my University Access Officer allows me to acknowledge the current opportunities that I can apply for like online work experience, summer schools, and university lectures that will make my personal statement stand out. These are all opportunities that I wouldn’t have otherwise looked for, but will now be a great addition to my application. Having career opportunity workshops through TAP has also meant that I am not lost when navigating what career I would like to pursue. 

If I was asked to look back on my experience over the last 3 years I would say The Access Project is a fantastic opportunity which I would highly recommend – the support of tutors and staff is invaluable. 


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