After studying Maths at university, I found myself (like many of my peers) embarking on a career in Finance. I loved using my problem-solving skills and logical thinking in new situations and I was really lucky to work with a lot of talented colleagues.

However, as the years went by, I started to question whether this really was the career path for me. I realised that the aspects of my job that I enjoyed the most were actually in education; I particularly enjoyed breaking down complicated concepts and helping others understand them.

I discovered The Access Project in 2018 and started volunteering in October. I have a wonderful GCSE Maths student who I see weekly for an hour. I’ve enjoyed reacquainting myself with the subject but above all I’ve absolutely loved seeing the huge improvement in my student. Helping him build on his understanding of each topic and eventually seeing him tackle more and more complex questions is immensely rewarding. One of my proudest moments was when he told me that he came top of his class in Circle Theorems, a topic that he had struggled with and that we had worked very hard on together.

Joining the Access Project gave me the extra push and motivation that I needed to make the jump and switch careers. So, from September this year I will be working full time in education. I’m really excited to be delivering financial education in schools with Money Matters Education as well as working as a professional tutor with Keystone tutors. I hope that I will be able to develop further as a teacher and I look forward to using my skills to continue supporting the Access Project!

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