On Thursday, July 15, 10 students from across the country had the chance to participate in an online debating workshop with The Kalisher Trust. Students got the chance to speak with barristers about what their jobs are really like, as well as develop their skills in building an argument and public speaking.

Putting the world to right

At the workshop, students got to learn the art of debating from practicing criminal barristers. In teams they tackled topical issues including: COVID-19 vaccine IDs and televising high profile criminal trials in England and Wales. Barristers helped to develop arguments before the debates began.

Zahra Kamal, a student from George’s Green School in East London said: “The best part about the event was meeting the barristers. They were all really friendly and constructive which helped me feel as though the profession is a feasible and realistic career option for me despite not coming from a particularly privileged background.”

About The Kalisher Trust

The Kalisher Trust transforms the lives of young people by encouraging and inspiring young people of ability, commitment and ambition to achieve their potential through the development of advocacy skills and participation in other programmes – with the aim of developing a career at the criminal bar.