Volunteers’ Week 2016 continues and we want to say a massive thank you to our #toptutor Sarah Ellis from Rothschild, who has been tutoring Aiden, a student at Central Foundation Boys’ School (CFBS) in AS level maths this year.

In nominating Sarah, our Programme Coordinator at CFBS, Fabrice, said “Sarah has shown fantastic commitment to the her student, they have managed to amass 18 tutorials already and are on course to hit the 20 tutorial target despite being paired quite late on in the academic year.

Sarah has been able to build a positive relationship with Aiden, this has helped him make the best use of his tutorials and culminated in a grade increase from a B to an A.”

Thank you Sarah for all your hard work.

Sarah is part of a team of volunteers from Rothschild who have supported 5 Access Project students this year and given a massive 55 hours of their time to hold tutorials in biology, chemistry and maths. 

We would like to thank you all for the amazing support and the positive impact it is having on our students and we look forward to working with you into 2016/17 and beyond!

Source: tap orig