During my time on The Access Project programme, I have gained so many valuable skills. My confidence has grown massively as well as my interpersonal skills. As someone who can struggle in social settings, I knew this programme would help me. It is all because of my tutor and I want to express my gratitude, for pushing me to achieve my goals, but also for being someone I can speak to when I need help or advice.

When I first began my tutorials, I had a grade 5 in maths and was unsure whether I would even pass my GCSE. But after working closely with my tutor over the course of several months, I managed to attain a Grade 7(A) which I never thought possible!

My tutor did not just aid me with questions I did not understand, she motivated me to do well, reminding me of my potential.  Over the course of several years working with her, I built a strong relationship with her.

I was glad to know I had support from someone without having to worry about the costs. I knew I could rely on her if I had other doubts concerning my future. She was not only a tutor but a support system.

As someone who comes from a disadvantaged background, I would also like to thank the Access Project for their continued support for giving me an opportunity that would otherwise be very difficult for me to get.

Since being on this programme, I have received numerous opportunities that have made out to be worthwhile experiences, particularly as they not be available to me without The Access Project.

I have also had the chance to learn about my tutor’s workplace and her role in the company. Her story is truly inspiring to me and the journey she took to get where she is today. Her knowledge is invaluable, and each tutorial is crucial to me.

If I were to tell her anything, I would ask that she just continues doing what she is doing as it is helping me on my journey to University. She allows me to grow into myself and to develop both academically and personally.

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