As a student on The Access Project, everyday in school and at my tutorials, I experience first hand the difference the programme makes. Coming from a low-income area in Lozells, Birmingham means without the support of The Access Project it might not even be possible for me to go to university. As the first person in my direct family to go I want to prove to myself and others it is possible. With the help of The Access Project I now know I can achieve my dreams of pursuing a political degree at a top university. 

It is because of my family background and the education I have received that I am motivated to pursue a degree and career in politics when I leave school, and this drives me everyday.I want to help bring about economic equality between classes, tackle gender wage gaps, fight against inessential austerity cuts and much more. 

Working with my Access Project tutor I have become motivated and come to realise that through working hard in school it is possible for me to make life better for people like me. 

When applying to The Access Project I knew they would be able to help me break down the barriers that I faced on my journey to university. The support I receive is invaluable and I am continuing to improve my grades in Maths thanks to my tutor. Every week they push me to achieve, working through topics I struggle with. Having specific 1:1 support each week has made me more confident that I can work through the barriers I face in the subject on my own. Thanks to my tutor’s encouragement and dedication I now recognise that I have just as much potential to do well in maths as my other subjects.

By supporting students to reach their full potential, The Access Project is fighting for a level playing field in education.  

Compared to my peers from better off backgrounds I am less likely to go to university but this is why everyday their work is helping to level the playing field for me. The support I have received has not only helped me grow as a person, improve in a specific subject but has also ignited my interest in politics and desire to study it at university. 

I dream of making a difference and helping to fix issues of equality in education that I and friends have faced. 

When I finish my A-levels and complete The Access Project in my school I hope to have gained a firmer sense of self and have a strengthened belief in my ability to achieve anything I set my mind to. The Access Project has benefited me at school and beyond. The programme makes you more independent, passionate and confident. The Access Project has helped to shape my future for the better and this is something I will forever be thankful for.