At The Access Project, we know our students have powerful voices and the potential to become future leaders. We also know they are great people to speak to about how we can improve the work we do and are our best advocates.  For this reason, we now support some of our students to become student ambassadors. To become an ambassador, students submit applications and take part in a phone interview before they are selected – being accepted is a great achievement!

 We now have ambassadors at every Access Project school. They are role models to other students on the project, supporting them to succeed and encouraging new students to join the project. Ambassadors have the potential to use their own stories to inspire younger students and get the chance to speak in our assemblies and workshops in school. They also get opportunities to write blogs and attend events where they can get their voice heard.

This Spring, we ran launch events for our new ambassadors in London and the Midlands. Students had the chance to meet others on The Access Project at schools across the country, to share ideas and hear from our alumni sharing their stories. Fatos, an Access Project alumna and member of our trustee board, spoke to students in London about her journey through TAP, university and in her career. Students also boosted their confidence in a public speaking workshop from Noisy Classroom and made their own vlogs about their experience on TAP. 

Meet a Midlands Ambassador

Walking into the Ambassador launch was probably one of my scariest moments I’ve had this year. As an individual who is nervous about everything, meeting with students’ part of the Access Project who I’ve never met before seemed daunting. However, after getting to know the students better, the experience came to be one of my most treasured. I was able to develop my communication, teamwork and confidence skills.

My ideal image of an ambassador is a someone who is confident; voicing the thoughts and opinions of other students. They possess strong teamwork skills, are ambitious and resilient when facing challenges. Having discussed these qualities of an ambassador, I have a better understanding of what skills I must improve to become a stronger individual.

During the launch I found the session with Noisy Classroom the most useful. They spoke about the key elements that enable effective communication such as body language and tone of voice. Every student was encouraged to step outside their comfort zone, acting out an emotion through a shop scenario. Public-speaking is one of my greatest fears, but looking back, I really enjoyed the activity!

It was an invaluable opportunity to be part of the Access Project community; the launch was so productive and allowed me to step out and embrace challenges!

Meet a London Ambassador

The student ambassador launch day was absolutely phenomenal! On the day we learnt so many skills, from public speaking and role modelling to blog writing. The day was an incredible as we had people from all over London come over and join the workshop.

Being an ambassador means I can really show what I am made of and inspire others. The Access Project has helped me so much and my tutoring means a lot to me. Before I started my grades were as low as 4’s and 5’s but now thanks to my tutor I have really seen a progression in my grades. I now achieve solid 7’s and 8’s and now can imagine aiming for a 9!

I really believe The Access Project is amazing and want to encourage other students to join during my time as an ambassador!