Aabidah is in Year 10 at one of our schools in London. She’s just started her journey on The Access Project, and is being tutored in Maths.

Aabidah has been using her organisational skills to help her stay on track when learning during the COVID-19 pandemic – skills that will definitely stand her in good stead when she goes to university. “Throughout the pandemic it was hard to be motivated, to do all my work – especially when you don’t have a teacher with you. It’s also nerve wracking to ask for help in a Zoom call,” she recalls. “My organisation skills and time management helped – I had a diary, and a timetable. I set alarms so I could take breaks.” 

“It’s an amazing opportunity that has benefited me in so many aspects”

“My tutorials help me remember things that I may have forgotten in class and learn the parts I’ve missed,” Aabidah explains. “Sometimes my tutor gives me advice from her own experience – for instance how equations will help in real life scenarios.”

Asked what she would say to someone in the Years below her at school who may be contemplating joining The Access Project’s programme, she said: “It’s an amazing opportunity. It is very beneficial for the future and present. This experience will improve your grades and enhance your skills and confidence. It’s free, with no financial burden and an equal opportunity for all. Go for it!”

Making decisions about her future

Aabidah is thinking long and hard about what she wants to do in the future. “At the moment I’m contemplating being either a Biochemist or doing something with Maths,” she says. “To do that I’m going to pick Maths, Biology and Chemistry at A levels.”

Aabidah is also eyeing up different universities to study at. “I was thinking about applying to the University of Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College or King’s College.”