I am now in my fifth year as an A-Level Politics tutor with the Access Project – and the experience has been incredibly rewarding. It has given me the opportunity to make a real difference where it truly matters.

Meeting weekly, one-to-one with my student, offers the time to develop a trusting relationship, giving them the chance to learn and engage with the subject. As a tutor, I am also able to develop a full understanding of my students’ strengths and challenges, to help them develop in the best way. Reflecting on the tutorials throughout means I can tailor the sessions to my student’s needs, helping them to grow. I have found the one-to-one tutoring makes a real difference – to build trust and confidence necessary for my students to be ‘open’ to learning.

A chance to unlock my students abilities.

The most rewarding aspect of being a tutor has been ‘unlocking’ my students’ abilities, building their confidence in their own abilities and enabling them to appreciate their potential. It’s a huge privilege to have this opportunity – and has enabled me to develop in ways that I didn’t know were possible!

Being a tutor also brings some intellectual rewards and enjoyment – the chance to share my passion for a subject at a point when it could be life-changing, and the chance to grapple with big ideas in sessions.

Tutors provide their students with a unique opportunity to engage and learn in their chosen subject. Developing this trust with my student means they can develop their motivation and confidence in topic areas.It also means they can share their hopes, worries or challenges, with me and I can help them progress in the subject. Each week my student is able to gain a strong understanding of politics and its relevance beyond their A-Level. This can be difficult to achieve in the classroom.

Something that everybody needs to flourish!

The supportive, positive and long-term relationships that you build as an Access Project tutor is something that everyone needs to flourish. Students can develop a relationship with someone who understands their strengths, commits to supporting them and cares about how they are doing.

Being an Access Project tutor has been a life changing and rewarding experience, and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity.

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