As something of a provincial, state school student starting out at the hallowed Cambridge roughly eight years ago, I suddenly found myself surrounded by a hugely intimidating bunch from the best schools in the country, private, grammar or otherwise. With the UK’s education system suffering a fundamental asymmetry, in which sadly postcode lotteries and parental income have a greater bearing on educational attainment than inherent ability or application, many students are left at a significant disadvantage.

The Access Project does incredible work in that regard, not only in terms of providing students, via their volunteer tutors, the tools to improve their academic attainment but also in inspiring aspiration (via their in-school University Access Officer). 

I know that by running the London Vitality 10,000, a 10km race through central London, the money raised for The Access Project will help more students to beat the barriers of socio-economic disadvantage and achieve their potential (or at least put them in pole position as they embark on adult life).

All that remains to be said is a big thank you to all my generous sponsors: friends, family and colleagues alike! And to those thinking of doing something similar, my advice: go for it!

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