Thursday 17th August 2017 will be an important day for the whole Access Project community: students, teachers, staff and volunteers.

We can all remember a time in our lives where we’ve waited anxiously for the results of hard work, be that exams, job applications or big deadline projects. Yet A Level results day is one that stands out clearly for many: a great memory for some, and a stressful experience for others.

For many Access Project A Level students, Thursday 17th August will be the culmination of four years on the programme including weekly tutorials, one-to-one mentoring sessions, group workshops, university trips and other extra-curricular activities. This has been a group effort between students, teachers, parents, volunteer tutors and Access Project University Access Officers.

There’s always much to celebrate on A Level results day: huge smiles for those who get the grades they need for their 1st choice university and for those who surpass all expectations. Unfortunately, nobody is immune from a bad exam day. Things don’t always go to plan, even when you’ve tried your best. This is why Access Project staff and volunteers will spend results day with students, helping them to research alternatives and to prepare for telephone interviews with new universities. To be there with them. It will be a challenging, emotional day.

Whether you are volunteering on the day, have tutored a student this year, or have supported the cause in some other way, all of you reading this have contributed to what we expect will be a fantastic day on Thursday 17th August.

Fingers crossed. And thank you!

by Siobhan Randell (University Access Manager)

Source: tap orig