Online tuition
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Online tuition

Remember that all tutorials must take place on The Access Project’s online tuition platform.

See below for more on how to use this:

Additional support for online tuition can be found by contacting

Students on the tutoring charity programme
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Resources and Kerboodle

As a volunteer tutor, you have access to our GDrive that contains planning and subject-specific resources to support your tuition.

We also have a wealth of resources available through Kerboodle, a digital resource library from Oxford University Press.

If you would like to gain access to Kerboodle, please contact your University Access Officer.

The Kerboodle FAQ here explains how Kerboodle resources can be effectively used to support your tutoring.

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Tutor-requested drop ins

Drop ins are an important part of our work and help to support tutors to have the most impact on the attainment of their students.

Over the course of the academic year we aim to see a range of tutorials, selecting tutorial pairings across a range of schools, year groups and subjects. Normally these happen as longer drop ins that observe an entire tutorial session.

Volunteer tutors are now able to request a drop in to look at a particular aspect of their tuition, using the form here. The Quality Assurance Lead will then get in touch to provide feedback.

A description of each tuition aspect can be found here.

“People from every background have their abilities and talents – it’s really naff if it’s limited by where they live, where they go to school, and what their parents do.”

Clare, a current volunteer tutor, who is a software engineer in an investment company