Volunteering policies

Volunteering policies

Here at The Access Project we want to ensure that our volunteers are equipped with all the information they need in order to be the best volunteers they can be. We also want to ensure that we are a safe space for all we work with. We’ve got listed below our policies that relate to volunteering. Please do have a read over them and if you have any questions about anything within the policies you can contact the volunteering team.

Getting in touch about safeguarding

Our Designated Child Protection Officer can be contacted at:
E: stayingsafe@theaccessproject.org.uk
T: Office and main Safeguarding number: 020 4513 5999 (+1 for safeguarding)

You can also report a safeguarding incident or concern by clicking here.


Policies about volunteering at The Access Project

Policies about working with our students

  • Safeguarding children policy
    The Access Project is committed to ensuring that all children who are involved with its activities are kept safe from harm and are cared for with the utmost professionalism and integrity. Therefore it is essential for all volunteers to read over this policy.
  • Communication guidelines for volunteers
    This document outlines acceptable forms of communication with students. This includes language and content used with young people, hours of communications and how to report concerns.
  • Gift giving policy
    We discourage gift giving but also understand that there are certain instances when the exchange of token gifts may seem
    appropriate. These guidelines should be consulted when consider giving or accepting a gift.
  • Student/tutor contact after The Access Project
    These guidelines outline our position on student/tutor contact once tutorials come to an end.

Health and safety policies

  • Volunteering online health and safety policy
    This policy outlines the health and safety considerations for volunteering as an online tutor with The Access Project, and where additional information can be accessed.
  • Lone working policy for volunteers
    This policy is designed to raise awareness of the risks presented by lone working, to identify the responsibilities each person has in this situation, and to give guidance on how to manage such risks.

Communications policies

  • Social media policy
    This policy gives clear guidance regarding talking points about the organisation to use on social media channels and outlines what is and isn’t appropriate.

Policies relating to issues or complaints

  • Complaints procedure
    Our complaints procedure explains how to lodge a complaint, and how The Access Project will handle your complaint to best resolve it.
  • Volunteer issue resolution policy
    This policy outlines how you can provide feedback or raise a concern or grievance, and outlines the procedure by which we will respond to this.
  • Whistleblowing policy
    The aim of this whistleblowing policy is to encourage employees and others who have serious concerns about any aspect of The Access Project’s work to come forward and voice those concerns.