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We match motivated students with high-flying graduates for weekly one-to-one tutorials.

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When I work with my tutor things just click. I feel like I'm really learning and understanding the concepts.


Mahamed, The Access Project alumnus




Our volunteer tutors work with students one-to-one, meaning they are able to respond to their tutees' needs and help them to improve. With a one-to-one tutor in one or more of their subjects, students can boost their grades and make competitive university applications.

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Focus on grades

Our tutorials are a teaching aid for teachers - we put tutors directly in touch with teachers so they can better support their work in the classroom. Tutorials aim to raise attainment in a specific subject - and on average our students make two-thirds of a grade more progress than their peers.

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Motivated students

Students "earn" a tutor by demonstrating motivation - we'll work with any student in year 10 - 13 who wants to go to a top university. This means we reward students for working hard, rather than cherry-picking the most able.

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Volunteer tutors

Our tutors are university graduates, who volunteer to tutor a student for an hour a week at their workplace. They are academic high-flyers who are experts in their subjects, and trained in child safeguarding and pedagogy.

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Our tutors are trained in child safeguarding and pedagogy. All tutors attend an initial 4.5 hour training and assessment centre, and we also run optional top-up training.



We have a member of our staff in each partner school to support tutoring. We also run monthly tutor meet ups, creating a community of committed volunteers.



We provide our tutors with textbooks, past-papers, marksheets and subject-specific teaching resources which have been prepared by expert teachers.


Maxhaimendorf Max Haimendorf Headteacher at King Solomon Academy

"The Access Project’s innovative model brings our pupils into contact with high quality academic tutors, as well as driving their aspirations and academic opportunity."

Jamie Brownhill Jamie Brownhill Headteacher at Central Foundation Boys' School

“This is a programme that works; it is key to bringing about change in the school.”