James Gray

“Why I ran 10,000 metres across London” by James Gray (volunteer tutor)

As something of a provincial, state school student starting out at the hallowed Cambridge roughly eight years ago, I suddenly found myself surrounded by a hugely intimidating bunch from the best schools in the country, private, grammar or...

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“Our students are passionate and engaged”

The General Election

The day of the UK’s general election is as ordinary as any other day in school. Students run for the school gates to make it in time for the 8:55am bell while others stroll back from the Sainsbury's next to Old Street...

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Armando Jamie Hoare 10

Why I tutor

I’ve always been involved with pro bono projects in the past, but recently I wanted the opportunity to do something more related to my university studies, and also where I could see the impact directly. That's why, since last September, I decided...

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Suzanne Photo Resized

We all have our reasons to volunteer - Suzanne Janes, Volunteer Manager

On many a rainy, dark Sunday morning I can be found adorned in an oversized hi-vis vest, clipboard in hand, providing support, encouragement, water (and sometimes a bit of dubious first aid) as a volunteer marshal to runners at my running club’s...

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Andrew Burns (2)

Challenging Times- Andrew Burns, Ormiston Forge Academy Principal

These are certainly very challenging times in education. The Government insists, rightly, that we should be raising standards for all. However, this is against a backdrop of falling funding, a new accountability framework and a reformed...

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Our Impact on students and tutors alike

Impact Event

We were delighted to welcome so many friends of TAP to our annual Impact Event last week, which was hosted this year at the fabulous Hiscox Art Café. 

The event was a wonderful celebration of the hard work and collaboration of...

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The ‘Access Gap’ is widening -- here’s how we are fighting to close it.

The Access Project’s Impact Report launches today, celebrating the achievements that we have made on student outcomes in the past academic year. However, we believe there is still much work to be done. Below, Andrew Berwick, Director of The Access...

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The Access Project comes to St Catharine’s

Over three days during February and March, around 320 students will be visiting St Catharine’s College, Cambridge. The Access Project will be taking all of our Year 10 students to visit this historic and famous college. The aims of the trip are to...

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Ben Pic   Landscape

I think you should be proud to support The Access Project (like I am)

Most of you reading this already know that, today in the UK, you are six times less likely to reach a top third university if you are poor.

Perhaps you already help to change this by volunteering as a tutor with The Access Project. Maybe you are...

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