As The Access Project grows and changes one question is always at the forefront of the work we do – how do we reach and support students that need us the most? 

We’ve been thinking about this question a lot recently and it has led us to set up an exciting new project. This year we are going to be offering Online Tuition to a number of students in the East and West Midlands. 

By offering Online Tuition in these regions we can reach students that would not be able to access face-to-face tutorials due to their distance from major volunteer centres and the lack of public transport infrastructure in their area. This is a first for The Access Project (we have previously only matched tutors and tutees for face-to-face tutorials) and getting this project off the ground has required the energy and input of The Access Project community.

Current tutors have helped us spread the word by telling colleagues and friends about the new project in their area – most of our volunteers are recruited by word of mouth. They’ve also chipped in by linking us up with businesses and organisations in new regions so that we can build our community of organisations working to close the access gap.

But mainly current tutors have done what they always do – they’ve stepped up when young people needed their support. So many of our tutors have volunteered to deliver Online Tuition – even though it might mean stepping out of their comfort zone or being involved in a project that will evolve as we learn more about it.

This willingness displayed by our volunteer community to get stuck in and help our young people always strikes me as a powerful testament to the kindness and thoughtfulness that surrounds us everyday. 

This term more than ever they will do their part to reach out to young people that would not have otherwise been able to receive support and will deliver amazing Online Tuition with enthusiasm and expertise – as always The Access Project and the students we support are incredibly grateful.

Jake Farrell – Tuition Manager

Source: tap orig