As we start another academic year we are really excited here at The Access Project about the changes we are making to our tuition program. Our tutors and students have always been at the heart of what we do and now teachers are as well.

We believe teachers are best placed to assess the academic areas where a student requires the most help. That’s why we are asking them to select a number of “outcomes” per term. These outcomes are what we will be asking our tutors to make progress on during their tutorials.

To help tutors do this we have made “supporting resources” which explain how to tutor every outcome most effectively. These “supporting resources” when paired with the passion and ingenuity of our amazing volunteers will mean that the tutorials we deliver will be more impactful than ever.

To help our volunteers get used to these changes we will be answering frequently asked questions on our blog throughout the term. If you would like to ask any further questions, please do email us via:

1. How will volunteers access the “supporting resources?”

When tutors become part of our program we give them access to our Online Resource Library (ORL). All of the supporting resources will be stored in this online space. Each outcome selected by teachers will have a unique identifying code. When logged in to the Online Resource Library tutors can search the unique identifying code and the only document that should appear will be the supporting resources that pertain to that outcome. The supporting resources can then be downloaded and use to prepare for tutorials.

2. Which subjects do these changes apply to?

We really believe that the changes to our program will make our tutorials more impactful for students and will mean that time spent volunteering for The Access Project is even more meaningful and as such want to extend the changes to every subject that we offer tuition in.
Outcomes will be selected by teachers and supporting resources provided to tutors from this term in all of the core subjects that the majority of students we work with apply for tutoring in. Those subjects are:

Maths GCSE and A Level, English GCSE, History GCSE and A Level, Science GCSE, Biology A Level, Chemistry A Level, Physics A Level, French GCSE, Geography GCSE and A Level

The following subjects will also have outcomes and supporting resources which will follow in the near future. Those subjects are:

Economics A Level, Politics A Level, Psychology A Level, Sociology A Level, Spanish GCSE and Spanish A Level, French A Level

3. How do tutors tell The Access Project which subjects they have been are working on?

Each week as part of the compliance form that all of our tutors will be sent on a Friday there will be a section where tutors can tell us which outcomes they worked on that week. We envisage that wherever possible tutors will work on outcomes specifically provided by their students teacher.