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As a bookish child I’ve always had a wild imagination; I loved to dream, and to dream big. When I first heard about the University of Cambridge and its position as one of the best academic institutions in the UK – I knew it was the place for me. Although a childhood fantasy, it remained my goal as I got older and closer to important exams. Despite my big dreams, I never thought I was capable of applying to the institution I had idolised so much. Therefore the first and most difficult barrier for me in applying to Cambridge was realising it was a possibility.

The Access Project helped me with this considerably. It was with their support that I sent off my application for law. Having not studied the subject at A-Level, I felt a little out of my depth during the application process but I was inspired by my tutor, who works at a law firm, to study my school work as well as develop my passion for law. It was this one to one tutoring that exposed me to different career opportunities as well as support my academic endeavours.

Despite this, time management was something I struggled with increasingly. Multitasking was not my strong point and the stress of sending my UCAS application off by the Oxbridge deadline as well as coping with my A-Level work got to me. My University Access Officer really helped me deal with my time constraints as well as my anxiety and stress surrounding it. By supporting me to form a cohesive plan, she helped me to set goals for myself. I finally felt able to be active in deciding my future rather than feeling hopeless over my options.

I have also been part of The Access Project Oxbridge Society and the Law Society. This allowed me to interact with like minded people from similar backgrounds. Although this may seem insignificant in comparison to the academic aspect of the Societies, it meant a lot to meet people with the same dreams as me. However, the insight into the academic side of aiming for such a competitive course at such an elite university was invaluable. The Societies were able to demystify the application process and offered advice for the admissions tests and interviews. Our trip to St Catharine’s College Cambridge was a vitally important as I was able to talk to students who read law and hear their experience first hand which fascinated me and provided even more encouragement.

I hope to be able to use the skills and confidence The Access Project has given me to complete my law degree. I haven’t quite decided what I’m aiming to do afterwards but I know that whatever I decide to do I will have as many options as those more privileged than me. That is possibly the most valuable thing The Access Project has given to me.

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*Vikita received an invitation to interview following submission of this article*

Vikita, Oasis Academy Enfield

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