Jia-Yi’s student had the following to say of her experience: 

“My tutor has helped me excel in maths and is the reason why I am getting high As instead of Bs in class. She always makes sure I understand what she has gone through and always has papers prepared for me to work through. She gives me challenging work and pushes me to try my best. I never used to tackle the A* questions at the back of the paper but she taught me to believe in myself, and now every time I try the questions I manage to get a few marks.

I would like to say to my tutor: Thank you very much for helping me achieve better grades in my maths and for giving me all the little tips and tricks for exams. I think you are an amazing tutor and I’m grateful to have been tutored by you. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be as good at maths as I am today.”

Jia-Yi was initially worried that she might not be that great at tutoring as it had been a few years since she’d looked at mathematical concepts. However, she found that her knowledge came back when she started tutoring. She was also “surprised by how keen the students are; they obviously sign up for tutorials because they are determined to improve their grades and this enthusiastic attitude provides a great foundation to work on.”

Being a maths tutor was something Jia-Yi found really enjoyable: “As a lawyer, I spend my day looking at a lot of text and documents; working through figures and problems with my student is a nice change! I really enjoy seeing my student progress over the year and especially seeing her fearlessly tackle questions that would have been challenging previously.”

We asked Jia-Yi for any words of advice she has for others considering tutoring: “I would say that the one hour lesson weekly is a very manageable commitment and I would strongly recommend the experience to anyone thinking of signing up. It is rewarding on so many levels – sometimes wonder whether I get more from the tutorials than my student does!”

Thank you so much for your support this year Jia-Yi!