Volunteers’ Week continues with another amazing #toptutor nomination!

Alexandra, a Year 11 student at Clapton Girls’ Academy, has nominated her tutor Jazmine Bradfield as a Top Tutor. Jazmine and Alexandra have had 21 tutorials together, working on GCSE English.

In nominating her tutor, Alexandra said “applying for a space in The Access Project was one of my best choices so far. I was very surprised, but very pleased with myself when I opened my email to find out that I have been accepted into the programme!

To be honest, at first I didn’t know what to expect, and I kept asking myself if this experience would actually help me with my chosen subject; English. Now being almost at the end of my experience on this programme I don’t even know what to say. I really don’t want this experience to be finished. The programme has helped me hugely for my revision in English because I have been able to achieve my target grade and even go beyond that. However, this all wouldn’t have been achieved if it wasn’t for all the hard work my tutor has put in for me. That’s why I want to nominate my tutor (Jazmine Bradfield) as a ‘’star tutor.’’

This is because from the very beginning when I met her she was very excited to be working with me and that’s what made me more enthusiastic about going to my tutorials and showing my full commitment (which in the end showed to be worth it.)

What I enjoy most about my tutorials is the fact that when school finishes and I have to go to meet my tutor I don’t think of the tutorials as “school work”. I think of it as going to a friend so we can revise together. This is what, in my opinion, makes my tutorials successful, because in that 1 hour we have our tutorial, time flies so quick that we don’t even realise.

Along the way Jazmine has helped me so much with any struggles that I was having in this subject and has given me many helpful tips for my exams, which definitely seem to be working as I apply them when I’m in exams and will definitely be applying them when I’m sitting my GCSEs.

“Thank you to all the volunteers.”

For me The Access Project has positively contributed to my school life and has given me a one time opportunity which I’m glad that I didn’t miss. I hope to continue with this programme when I’m in year 12/13, as I think it’s a very good opportunity to expand my knowledge and help me support my education further.

Furthermore, I would also want to give a huge ‘’thank you’’ to all the people who are involved in The Access Project. This is because they are doing a wonderful job with this programme which definitely is having lots of positive effects on young children and their education. Thank you for all the volunteers which are giving their free time to help young children in the most important part of their lives­ – their education.” ­


Jazmine Bradfield

“I look forward to our meetings each week.”

When we told Jazmine she had been nominated as a Top Tutor by Alexandra, she told us “I was not really sure what to expect from tutoring when I first signed up. As a first time tutor, I was probably as nervous as Alex at our first tutorial. The sessions from The Access Project had prepared me well for what I would need to do each week, but I was very much in Alex’s hands as to how I would best be able to help her prepare for her exams over the coming year.

I was immediately struck by Alex’s enthusiasm and her intelligence. We discussed what Alex did and didn’t like about her subject (English), what we were going to need to cover and drew up a rough plan for our year. We revised this agenda periodically and I was surprised by how quickly Alex took responsibility for making sure we were covering what she needed to.

Alex has been an active and incredibly driven tutee and I look forward to our meetings each week. Alex arrives prepared, with questions and with ideas. Listening to those ideas and discussing them with Alex has by far been the most enjoyable part of tutoring (albeit that it has also been incredibly rewarding to see the improvement in Alex’s work and to hear that she exceeded her target grades in her mock exams).

To others considering tutoring, I would say “go for it”. It might just become the best hour of your week.”

Thank you for all your hard work Jazmine, you truly are a #toptutor!

If you would like to register your interest in becoming a volunteer tutor for September, you can do so via the link here.

Thank you to all our Linklaters tutors!

We would also like to thank the 25 tutors from Linklaters who have given over 170 hours total of tutorials to students at Clapton Girls’ Academy this academic year. Thank you all for your dedication, commitment and support.

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