The Access Project is changing. We are still working with our amazing volunteers to improve our students grades. We’ll still be in schools providing University Support to help students make the best possible applications. It’s the way that we do things which is going to change slightly.

Tutors and Teachers – Guidance and Support

For tutors the main change will be that starting in September, in almost all of our subjects at both GCSE and A Level, the way you decide what to work on in tutorials will change slightly. Maths GCSE tutors have had some experience of this during the current academic year and we have been pleased to receive positive feedback and invaluable information that we have used to refine the new programme.

We’ll still be relying on your passion, subject expertise and ingenuity to make an impact with your student. The only difference will be that we’ll provide you with even more targeted guidance and resources so that you know you are making the biggest possible impact during the hours you spend with them.

To this end we are asking teachers to get involved. We believe teachers are the best placed people to tell us the topic areas that it would be most beneficial for a student to work on. We will ask teachers to select some topic areas three times a year and we will then share those topics with you. Along with the topics you’ll also get comprehensive resources designed by subject experts which let you know how to tutor these topic areas in the most effective way.

Making the Difference – What next?

These topics are guides not strait-jackets. We want you to retain the autonomy in tutorials that we know  is often the “x-factor” which makes the difference. We also know from talking to our tutors that they want to make the biggest difference possible in their students lives. The Access Project feels that this new programme is the best way to guarantee that this happens and that your time is really creating impact.

Over the summer we will be communicating with you further to explain the changes to tutoring in more detail. Look out for emails and some packs of information that will be given to you either by The Access Project contact at your place of work or by the student that you work with.

We’re excited about these changes. We think it will provide our amazing, intuitive volunteers with the framework and support they need to increase their impact even further. We hope you feel this too and we look forward to working with you to change the lives of our tutees by helping them get to the best universities in the country.

If you have any questions at all about the new programme don’t hesitate to get in touch with