You may have had some experience of using teacher selected outcomes in your tutorials last term or had a look on our Online Resource Library to access the supporting resources.

With this topic in mind we just wanted to bring you up to date on everything outcomes related as you may soon be getting a refreshed set selected by your tutees teacher. First of all:

– We now have outcomes available for all subjects apart from :
Physics A Level, Economics A Level and Geography A Level 

– For tutors working on the three subjects mentioned above – we will endeavour to have frameworks and resources for these subjects as soon as possible. We will send more details as we have them.

For tutors working on subjects that we do have outcomes and resources for there are two bits of key information:

1. Tutors no longer need to go to the ORL to access the supporting resources.
Supporting resources will be sent directly to your email address as an attachment.

2. Tutors that did not get their topics until AFTER December 1st will not get topics during this round of topic collection so they have enough time to finish working on the topics given to them in the first round.

For tutors not getting topics this time around we advise that you complete the topics whenever possible. When you have done so please then go to the Online Resource Library and download a copy of the outcomes framework for your subject.

This is like a menu of possible topics to cover and you and your tutee can pick the areas they want to focus on from that menu. We will then get a new teacher selected set of topics for you during the next round of selection.

As always if you have any questions at all do not hesitate to contact us via:

Our Team in schools will be working hard to get the topics for you as quickly as possible. They will send them through as and when they have them and we appreciate your patience in the meantime.

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