***This post is for current Access Project tutors***

At The Access Project we are always trying to support you deliver high quality tutorials. The “Tuition Topics” guidance that we started providing for pairings this time last year is a major part of this.

Crucially, our students’ teachers input into this guidance – they pick topics for the pairings to focus on as they know the students best. Although they don’t tell you how to tutor or when to tutor specific topics, with their guidance you can be assured that you are focusing on important areas.
We provide detailed resources relating to each of these topics. The way that we share these resources is changing slightly this year. We are currently revamping the old home of the resources – our Online Resource Library (ORL) – and as a result have moved them to a new shared GDrive which you can find here.

The ORL is still the place to go for past papers and exam specific resources but until it has been improved the Topics resources will all be kept in folders on the GDrive. We will still aim to get the resources to you directly via email but if you cannot access the PDFs there then the GDrive is the place to go.

Also on the GDrive are some essential planning resources for the year ahead. Firstly there is a tutorial planning sheet that breaks down your tutorial into the required parts (Objective, Starter, Main Activity and Plenary). When delivering a tutorial you should aim to use one of these planning sheets in every tutorial.

We’ve also made a handy “Tutorial Checklist” so you can be sure you’re doing everything you need to in order to support your tutee as best as is possible. You can access that in the “Planning Resources” section.

As usual if you have any questions at all please email tuition@theaccessproject.org.uk – we hope you have an amazing and impactful year of tutorials!

Jake Farrell – Tuition Manager

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