My first term at university was definitely not what I expected it to be. I feel like during the last couple of weeks at sixth form we look forward to this big change so much we don’t really realise the reality of it all. For me personally, settling in to university was quite hard but once you get over those first few weeks, everything seems to fall into place.

First off, you really are independent at university. Not only are you having to look after yourself without anyone to guide you, the work aspect in comparison to sixth form is completely different. I remember sitting in my first lecture wondering what was going on as my lecturer jumped straight into ‘The Taming of the Shrew’ without so much as a ‘hello’. You really do have to do all the work yourself. In the assignments I’ve done so far, apart from the question and a vague list of possible readings you could do, you get nothing. Everything is down to you and therefore your attendance at lectures and seminars especially is vital.

Living in halls also comes with its ups and downs. Thought staying up till the crack of dawn was cool? Sometimes it happens without you even realising. Personally I haven’t been able to get to sleep before midnight in a while… The halls are alive and buzzing at every minute of everyday. People are cooking at 3am, laughing, socialising and enjoying their new found freedom. Halls are amazing because you’ve always got people around you. You can find someone to chat to at any given moment which really helps you settle into this new life. But at the same time there’s no escaping those loud neighbours!

You really do feel like you are making some of your best memories at university. The social aspect is amazing! Every night you meet someone new, the nights seem to be filled with positivity and numbers of people who are just looking for a great time. With such gruelling work loads, nights out at university come as such a blessing. An opportunity to let your hair down and get noses out of the books, whether that’s going out clubbing or having a chill evening in with all your mates.

The Access Project really helped me to get here. They stayed by me on results day and helped me get into a great university which I am so happy to be at.

Wendy, The Access Project Alumna, University of Reading

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