Oana Bradulet has been nominated as a ‘Top Tutor’ by her tutee Sahil, who is a Year 10 student currently being tutored in GCSE maths. Oana and Sahil have had 19 tutorials this academic year.

In nominating Oana, Sahil said “I’d like to nominate my tutor Oana for her input and dedication towards my targets for maths. In my opinion she is determined to help me get a high grade in maths. Apart from this, Oana has been a great tutor as she has been sociable and humorous since my first day at tutoring. As a result for the effort and sociability she has shown towards me, I believe she should be nominated.”


Our #toptutor Oana!

When we told Oana she had been nominated as a ‘Top Tutor’ Oana said “Sahil has been very enthusiastic, engaged and willing to learn. His proactive attitude and positive energy make our tutorials very pleasant! He is very well organized in remembering to bring materials, sample test papers etc to the tutorials. Occasionally he even emails me to ask me questions about ways to solve something or to let me know how he thought his exam went.

As for the progress made, it’s difficult to quantify; we are taking things quite slowly as I want to make sure he fully understands every concept and the reasoning behind every solution. However, I can definitely see an improvement in his overall mental maths and his speed in working through solutions.”

Thank you Oana for all your hard work and support, you truly are a Top Tutor!

Oana is one of 13 volunteers at Credit Suisse who have tutored a student on The Access Project this school year, delivering 174 hours of tutorials in a range of subjects including economics, maths, English and French. We would like to thank each and every one of them for their hard work and continued support.

Source: tap orig