On Tuesday we published our 2014-2015 Impact Report, the data it contains shows the work we do with individual students doesn’t only radically improve their chances of attending a selective university, it also transforms the overall destination profiles of our partner schools.

During academic year 2014-15, at schools working with The Access Project, students were almost twice as likely to gain a place at a Russell Group university and 70% more likely to gain a place at a top third university than in comparable schools not offering our programme.

Our schools tell us we provide an invaluable addition to their teaching expertise: we’re able to connect 40 of their students with business volunteers who have an A-level, undergraduate or postgraduate qualification, in the subject the students themselves identify they need most support in.

“The partnership between King Solomon Academy, Oxfizz and The Access Project has had a dramatic impact on our school, by achieving exceptional exam grades, building confidence and supporting our students to make applications to the top universities in the country.”

Max Haimendorf, Secondary Headteacher, King Solomon Academy 

This allows the schools we work with, who all serve disadvantaged communities, to offer weekly one-to-one tailored support in the subject where it is needed most, for students who need it the most.

What’s more, these connections frequently bring further benefits. These range from internships matched to students’ nterests – such as with top researchers at UCL’s department of respiratory research and medicine; to visits to companies such as The Boston Consulting Group for debating sessions. And for students aspiring to Oxbridge, they will receive nterview preparation from sector-leaders Oxbridge Interviews, a branch of the social enterprise OxFizz.

For many schools, their partnership with The Access Project helps them send students to Oxbridge for the first time, and frequently means that their students are the first in their families to attend university. This helps to build aspiration in their communities and creates a high achieving, inspirational school alumni body.

We are incredibly proud to be able to support the incredible work being done by the schools we are partnered with in making a genuine, measurable impact on widening access to the country’s selective universities.