I first heard of The Access Project in an assembly during the first Half Term of Year 10, at a time when I felt that I was in a completely different world. I was a puzzled and confused 14 year old, with no clue on where to start. Yet, my first University Access Officer approached the Year 10s with an opportunity I believed was too good to be true. To be able to receive 1 on 1 tuition from professionals based in the capital city of London, and to be able to progress and excel in anything you are passionate towards. If there was and is one thing I have learnt throughout my life, it is that saying ‘Yes’ allows an individual to experience and enjoy as well as make the most out of an opportunity. Consequently, I gladly accepted as I was humbled by the sincerity of the project. Within a few days I was linked with my tutor in Chemistry, a subject in which I was both interested but also troubled..

Little did I know my interest for Chemistry would then turn in to something of a passion. A drive that motivated me to attend every single tutorial and to be excited to learn more about an area of science that I would never have known was so interesting. Every tuition session was a pleasure to be in due to the humbling thought that I was being tutored by one of the brightest individuals that there was to offer. Not only were the tutorials highly educational and useful for the exams, but the support from the tutors was inspiring and unquestionably beneficial for my work ethic and drive.

I continued my drive and determination every week and every month for the next 2 years, and as I write this my current University Access Officer is looking for a tutor for me to excel in the subject of Physics.

The Access Project’s guidance without a doubt helped me get great results. I received an A in my Chemistry GCSEs and an A in my Maths and for that I am truly thankful.

The support from the Access Project has also meant that I am also more insightful and prepared for university, due to the university support trip and opportunities such as a trip to SOAS university.

The jump from GCSEs to A Levels is unquestionably large. And it is something that everyone should bear in mind although not allow it to discourage you from doing well. However, the help I am still receiving from the Project has enabled me to be hopeful for the future, and I hope that the many more can share in the light that has been shined on me by the Project.

Aziz Saiq, Year 12, King Solomon Academy

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