The young people that The Access Project work with never fail to surprise or amaze us and a few weeks ago a student who has been on TAP since it first started at their school in the West Midlands received an offer to study Medicine with a foundation year at the University of Nottingham.

Applying to medical school takes an abundance of hard work, time and dedication. Personal statements have to be crammed full of extracurricular and academic experience and grades have to be good.

Climbing the Mountain

This is a big ask of any 17-year- old, but add this on top of huge extra responsibilities at home and dealing with illness, then this is a near mountain to climb.

With the majority of medical schools receiving seven or more applications per a place, this is an extraordinary achievement. The student in questions has had a turbulent education, their GCSE results were not a reflection of their potential, and illness and responsibilities laid heavy on them during their AS level exams. 

At school, the staff always knew that this students grades did not reflect their ability or potential, which was both frustrating and saddening. 

Stepping it Up

However, since getting their AS results they have really stepped it up. The student has been working hard with their Chemistry tutor and is getting As and A*s in all of their exams. As a result of their low AS results they will probably come out with Bs overall but this is enough to secure them their place!

For some students their potential far outweighs their attainment and it is so pleasing to know that the University of Nottingham has acknowledged that.