From 23 to 30 August, The Access Project is running Transition Week – to support our young people who just got their A level results to successfully adjust to life at university.

Why is Transition Week important?

Young people from disadvantaged backgrounds are more likely to face challenges when they get to university. Non-continuation rates among disadvantaged students are higher than those of their more affluent peers. 

In addition, 73% of students from disadvantaged households graduated with a 2:1 or a first class degree in comparison to 83% from more advantaged households.

We want to ensure that the young people we support get through their first year of university – and place onto their second.

Transition Week

This year we have a week of online webinars for our young people to attend – including sessions from upReach and the Profs. These include:

  • University 101 – sharing what to expect from life on campus this year and the key differences from school
  • A question and answer session with current university students
  • Win at lectures and seminars
  • Essay writing like a pro
  • Kickstart your career – upReach will let our young people know how to start their graduate career while at university.

Nafees-ul Haque (18) is going to Vanderbilt University to study Computer Science.

Ensuring a smooth transition to university

Lucy Ball, Programme and Volunteering Director, said: “We have seen the evidence demonstrating that disadvantaged young people struggle to adjust to life at university. We don’t think that should be the case, and that’s why we’re responding to this by continuing our work with young people through our transition programme. Where you come from should not stop you from achieving your dreams of getting a top grade at a top university.”

Our transition programme aims to:

  • Provide students with the skills to manage their time effectively to make the most of the university experience
  • Prepare students to make the most of university services
  • Align the university experience with the student’s future goals
  • Educate students on different sources of income, how to manage their finances and where to seek to support so they are more financially comfortable.