Louis Raphaël, a Haverstock School Year 13 student being tutored in maths by a volunteer tutor at Olswang, has nominated his tutor in recognition of all his hard-work and commitment.

In support of the nomination for his tutor, Raf said “tutorials have helped improve my abilities in Further Maths and my approach to mathematical problems. I have been having a tutorial with my tutor for the past 2 years once every week and without him I would not be where I am now. He also helped prepare for my interview at Imperial and I had an amazing mock interview with another employee of Olswang. My tutor really goes out of his way for me and has even increased the tutorials to twice a week to better prepare for the upcoming exams.”

Thank you for your wonderful support.

In addition, thank you to all the wonderful tutors at Olswang who have in total delivered 230 hours of tutorials to students this academic year. 

Everyone at The Access Project is extremely grateful for your commitment and support.