Hi I’m Annieen; one of the students on The Access Project. It all started in a science lesson when a white slip was given to me informing me to attend a meeting about something called ‘The Access Project.’ I attended the meeting and to this day, I am so glad I did! My teachers thought I was a suitable candidate to be part of The Access Project but with only 10 spaces at the time and 30 girls being selected alongside myself, I thought the chances of me gaining a space were none to slim. Little did I know I was wrong! After completing my application and attending an interview – I had gained myself a place on The Access Project!

I was set up with my tutor, Jen, who tutors me every Tuesday at Bond Street, for chemistry. Now, by no means was I on the road to study medicine or pharmacy; but rather I was just hoping to pass ALL my GCSEs – even the subjects I am not particularly strong in.

It’s been nine months since I joined The Access Project, and I am glad to say I have seen great improvements. My tutor is truly amazing and I feel incredibly grateful that she has decided to teach me chemistry for an hour every week – because let’s be honest teaching a 15 year old about ions and chemical reactions isn’t the most fun.

Although I attend sessions to improve my chemistry, it feels great to have a teacher outside of school who relates to my stress and anxiety leading up to exams. As I am in Year 11, there is a lot of pressure and stress and being able to talk about it to someone is great. That’s another thing I love about The Access Project – there’s no pressure, no worries and no hassle.

I am feeling very confident about my GCSE chemistry exam in the summer- and hopefully the hard work is worth it!

Annieen, Year 11 Access Project student

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